Wearing Two Faces

June 12, 2009...

Whoever thought being two-faced could pay off?

But it can.

In fact, personal success demands that we are two-faced in a unique sort of way.

First, we need to have the face of the "self-encourager." We need to be able to pick ourselves up and motivate ourselves when we are down. Waiting for someone else to reinforce our direction or attitude may have us waiting for a long, long time.

The perfect person at the perfect time

June 11, 2009...

There are not too many feelings in life as a great as an "encouraging word," is there?

Some of the encouragement we once received may have even changed our lives.

Think about a time when you felt totally down and discouraged. Remember a time when you needed a lift and the right person at the right time came along...and lifted your spirits. Go back to your past and think of a moment when someone's positive energy re-instilled a sense of hope and kept you forging ahead.

Plan B

June 10, 2009...

I was reminded today that when we create a Plan B before Plan A is evengiven a chance to breathe, we set ourselves up for failure.

It's true.

Napoleon Bonaparte once had his troops burn their own ships as they entered a new battle. He was said to have told his men that if they were to ever return home, they would have to go back in the enemy's ships.

The Story of TWO People

June 9, 2009...

Person #1: Throws out 5-6 resumes a week hoping to land a job. No interviews.

"It's too discouraging to keep applying. I need to wait 'till people start hiring."

Person #2: Submits 20-25 resumes a week. Almost all come back with the same answer: "We're sorry..."  An interview here and there pokes up.

"Sure the 'Not Interested' responses sting...but I have to keep giving someone a chance to say 'Yes!'...right?"

Surprise Magic

June 8, 2009...

Don't you love surprises?

I sure do.

I especially love them during those times when wheels are spinning fast, but no traction is being gained. It's the piece of good news that finally arrives. It's the new door opening. It's the phone call that you were just hoping would come.

Surprises can come in all sorts of forms, but they always add positive energy to a day and a week. They are almost magical in their power to give us renewed life.

The Success Chain

June 7, 2009...

Self-talk is pretty darn important.

In fact, how we talk to ourselves sets a very important chain in motion. It's a chain that determines how much...or how little...success we will experience.

Throwing in the Towel

June 6, 2009...

It's easy to want to do at times.

To throw in the towel.

In the Blink of an Eye

June 5, 2009...


It's an interesting concept.

What do you tell yourself?

June 4, 2009...

I've always felt that communication...speaking and writing... is the one acquired skill that could move us ahead in life faster than any other. Solid communication skills shown in both our professional and personal lives can do wonders for how life treats us.

Maybe you've noticed, too.


June 3, 2009...

"Problems" versus "possibilities."

Where's your focus and with whom do you more readily identify?

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