Do you know "The Secret"?

May 11, 2009...

So much has been written everywhere about the "Law of Attraction." With its mythical packaging, the book, The Secret, brought the concept front and center to the world.  

Your Chance

May 10, 2009...

Today is a special day.

It's a day when mom's are celebrated. 

Memories are reborn. Brunches are shared; and...chances are...executives at 1-800-FLOWERS and Hallmark pop champagne bottles. 

Especially Today

May 9, 2009...

I was reminded today of why so many people continue to go nowhere.

I ran into someone who I know...not well...but that I have shared conversation with on a couple of other occasions.  After running through the required "How ya' beens?", we got to some more serious life stuff.

An Added Bonus

May 8, 2009...

I was reminded today of one of the great bonuses that come with choosing a self-improvement path.

Tugging on the Reigns

May 7, 2009...

I had a conversation today with someone going through an extended period of depression. It hasn't been just a few days. In her case, it has turned into a number of weeks...soon to be a couple of months.


Under promise. Over deliver.

May 6, 2009...

It is very important to me to follow-through with what I tell others. I am a big believer in "under promising...over delivering." What I say I will do...I will do.

My friends and business associates know this.

"Stinkin' thinkin'

May 5, 2009...

Zig Ziglar is one of my all-time favorite motivational speakers and writers. His motivational footprints are no doubt permanently tattooed in the minds of hundreds of thousands of readers and audience members around the world.

Two of my favorite "Zig-isms are:

Let Gravity Go

May 4, 2009...

One of the early Laws of Science we all learn as a kid is the concept of "gravity"

See how high in the air you can throw the ball up...before it falls back down. Jump off the swing set...and tumble as you land harder than expected. Perhaps you have memories of your own early gravity tests.

"The End"

May 3, 2009...

It's something we all have in common.

In fact, it's something that every life form on earth...plants, animals, people... have in common. It's "The End."

And so can we.

May 2, 2009...

It's race day.

I watch one horse race a year, and today's the day.

The Kentucky Derby.

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