Sometimes to move forward in life...we gotta' learn to FREEZE it.

Freeze the fear.

Freeze the doubt.

Freeze the drama.

Tattoo It On Your Brain

If you have a goal that will absolutely change your life...then take 100% ownership of it.

And then share that goal.


#1. Share the goal with YOURSELF.

It's an All-Time Doozie

"How do I find my purpose?"

This is the question I'm asked most often.

And it's a doozie.

My answer?

Stars, Snails...and TO DO Lists

"To Do" lists are awesome.

Until they squeeze the happiness from our lives.

Three quick questions:

1. Ever feel like you're pushing a brick-delivery wheelbarrow around 24-hours a day?

My Most Awesome Life Bloopers

What is on your blooper reel?

Here are a couple of my all-time embarrassing moments, and when they happened, I thought my world was ending.

Blooper #1:

A Trigger Word To Get You MOVING!


That's my trigger word when my brain is pitching a tent in Mediocreville.  

Can You Really Own a Tiger in Texas?

Chinese food restaurants are popular places to eat if you're a vegetarian and walking across England. 

The Court Jester's Slippery Tricks

I have a small secret that I didn't share before leaving to walk across England and Ireland.   

The Magical Umbrella That Lost Its Magic

Two weeks back... I shared about my magical umbrella. 

It was the umbrella I resorted to opening and twirling as I walked through the English pastures in order to keep the extra-friendly animals from getting to know me too well.

Seeing What You Aren't Seeing

"I don't even notice it." 

As I walk around the coast of Ireland, I have whispered to myself "Wow!" 100 times as I take in the awesome beauty of the country. Often, however, my intended whisper turns into a sound much more audible when I see a visual that really blows me away.

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