Live From Your Heart and Watch What Happens

November 6, 2012…

Roxanne Black, the Founder of the Friends' Health Connection once shared with me: "When you do something from your heart...a higher force and guidance steps in."


No matter your spiritual beliefs, you have to believe that when something is done sincerely and from the heart, our purest self shines through. And when that happens…we become our most believable and powerful.

Get Up and Do Something!

November 5, 2012…

Everybody has an idea on what needs to improve…at work, in their communities, in their country. Unfortunately, very few actually take any action to do anything about that gripe.

One woman I met in Philadelphia, Brooke Allen, has the exact opposite approach. If she sees a problem, she jumps in and does what she can to make things better. Her advice to others: "Don't sit around and talk and complain...get up and do something!"

I Get the Gift of Giving

November 4, 2012…

A few years back, I was in Wilmington, Delaware and had the chance to spend time with an AmeriCorp volunteer named Mark Stanzilis. I asked him why he's doing what he's doing now. His answer was short and sweet: "I get the gift of giving."

Do You Love What You Do?

November 3, 2012…

While on the road speaking, I met Martin Schwartz with Vehicles for Change. He shared a comment with me that hits home the point that you should absolutely LOVE what you do for a living.

"I love what I do so much; I feel like I have never worked a day in my life!"

When you can create that sort of job for yourself…wow…then you will truly be living a life that you love.

Dealing With Bad News

November 2, 2012…

It's destined to come. We're all bound to hear it at one time or another, and over the course of our lives, we're bound to hear it a lot. Bad news. It could come from a doctor, a boss, a family member a friend…but it WILL come.

But then what?

Don't Be Afraid to Knock on the Door

November 1, 2012…

I met Baily Susic in 2009 traveling across the country. She lived in Baltimore, Maryland and worked with the Pro Bono Counseling Project. I asked her about what it took to succeed.

"You just have to put yourself out there a little further than other people normally would."

Affirmations Make a Difference!

October 31, 2012…

In traveling through Baltimore, Maryland, I met a woman named Dr. Hattie Washington. She runs a residential homes for boys. Next to the door in the home, there is a sign that the boys read daily:

"I am smart. I am great. I am nice. I am lovable. I am handsome." (Evidently, the boys insisted on including the "I am handsome" part.)

Why is Having a Purpose Important?

October 30, 2012…

I am a big believer in having a life purpose. I believe that "purpose" is what keeps us going when we don't want to. Having a purpose helps us keep our head…when life pushes us down. Having a purpose is what keeps our feet moving forward…when our body is tired from hearing "no" after "no." Without a purpose, we are thrown into a position of walking aimlessly…in every area of our lives. Find your purpose, and bring increased passion into your life.

Looking To Find Your Purpose?

October 29, 2012…

"When a solid purpose is present, passion easily comes."

I have had the privilege to interview hundreds of people in my life who are living their purpose. How did they find their purpose?

Challenges Always Come With Big Dreaming Territory

October 28, 2012…

Sometimes in life...when you have a goal and are driven by a just keep going, No doubt you have a choice to quit, but is that what will really make you feel better in the end?


Challenges…problems…failures…it's impossible to chase something big without having to handle matching hurdles. They will always come with "Big dreaming" territory…accept it.

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