Why is Having a Purpose Important?

October 30, 2012…

I am a big believer in having a life purpose. I believe that "purpose" is what keeps us going when we don't want to. Having a purpose helps us keep our head…when life pushes us down. Having a purpose is what keeps our feet moving forward…when our body is tired from hearing "no" after "no." Without a purpose, we are thrown into a position of walking aimlessly…in every area of our lives. Find your purpose, and bring increased passion into your life.

Looking To Find Your Purpose?

October 29, 2012…

"When a solid purpose is present, passion easily comes."

I have had the privilege to interview hundreds of people in my life who are living their purpose. How did they find their purpose?

Challenges Always Come With Big Dreaming Territory

October 28, 2012…

Sometimes in life...when you have a goal and are driven by a just keep going, No doubt you have a choice to quit, but is that what will really make you feel better in the end?


Challenges…problems…failures…it's impossible to chase something big without having to handle matching hurdles. They will always come with "Big dreaming" territory…accept it.

Extra Mile People Have an Advantage in Life

October 27, 2012…

It's definitely true: Extra Mile people do have an advantage in life.

It's not that they have more money. It's not that they have more hours in a day. And it's not that they have come from amazing backgrounds and have movie-star good looks. It's none of these.

The advantage that extra-mile people have is that they TRY HARDER.

Don't Let Age Stop You

October 26, 2012…

Our chronological age often establishes mental barriers. Age rationalizations such as "I'm too old to go back to school" or "I'm too young to start my own business" are excuses that severly limit allowing us to live a life that we would truly love.

What Are You Writing Between Your Two Dates?

October 25, 2012…

As I pedaled on less-traveled roads across the country in 2009, I pedaled by tens and tens of well-manicured and historical cemeteries. Often surrounded by perhaps a small ranch home or acres of corn fields, these small reminders of people who lived as many as 200 years prior reinforces the undeniable fact that we each are given two dates in life.

Make "Possibility" One of Your Favorite Words

October 24, 2012…

Possibility and probability do not go hand in hand. Possibility is associated with bold thinking. Probability is associated with limited thinking. If you want truly live a life that you'll love life, forget probability. Take risks…and make "possibility" one of your favorite words. Then live it.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

Start walking.

October 23, 2012…

Our dreams are as big as we allow them to be. They are as small as we limit them to be, too.

I have heard so many times, "Why dream big…they never happen so why end up disappointed?"

The Secret to Keeping Big Goals Alive

October 22, 2012…

Dreams, goals and resolutions are ALWAYS exciting when they are first made. Then comes the actual doing.

Then they all slip away.

But they don't have to.

1. Never get overwhelmed by immediate results.
2. Take action every day.
3. Keep going.

Redirect Your Thinking

October 21, 2012…

The "spin" that you give things mentally directly impact how you feel about your day, your job, your relationships...your life.

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