When "Great" Is Possible..."Good" Doesn't Cut It.

January 31, 2013…

When "great" is possible..."good" just doesn't quite cut it.

My thinking is of if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing with pride and excellence. When you let yourself get sloppy, people see that, and there is a good chance that "sloppy" is what will come back at you.

Activity is NOT Necessarily Productivity

January 30, 2013…

Using a "To Do" list definitely can helps us to stay focused and get things done. But sometimes, just checking things of a "To DO" list doesn't lead to being more successful.

Activity is not productivity.

Focus on what moves you ahead in your goals and life…and not just what keeps you busy.

Opportunity...and A Lot of Elbow Grease Makes Money

January 29, 2013…

Ever no anybody who seems to be on a perpetual quest to find that once-in-a-lifetime get-rich-quick scheme?

To hear them talk, "Everything in life will be perfect, if I just find that one golden opportunity!"

We Truly Were Born Being Lucky

January 28, 2013…

What Does "Bad News" Do to You?

January 27, 2013…

Bad news is what it is. It's just news, and it's up to me to accept it, process it, and determine what kind of emotional spin I am going to associate with it. The more emotional I make a situation will directly determine how effective I will be in moving forward from it.

Internal Goal Success Leads to External Goal Success

January 26, 2013…

In my mind, there are two types of personal goals: 1) External, and 2) internal.

External goals are the ones that everyone else can see: the job, the travel destination, the new car, etc. They are life's "bricks."

It's Never Too Late to Try Again

January 25, 2013…

Have you thrown in the towel and quit recently?

Any regrets?

If so, maybe it's time to pick the white towel off the ground and move forward with your goal again. If you don't, there is a really good chance you will always regret letting it sit there on the field without ever picking it up.

Learning to Absorb Life's Blows

January 24, 2013…

To get the most out of ourselves…to live up to our potential...we need to learn to absorb life's blows. Somehow, we need to find our own, healthy and unique way of surviving our bad moments until we can re-group and start thriving again. Quitting cannot be an option.

Hvae You Been Thinking About "Throwing in the Towel"?

January 23, 2013…

Have you thought of "throwing in the towel" lately? Heck, when life gets hard, the option to quit on our goals seems pretty easy to do.

A relationship goes bad. A job becomes ridiculously stressful. An idea is shot down for the tenth time.

Don't Lose Your "Little Kid"

January 22, 2013…

When we our emotional spirit grows hard in life, we lose our inspirational uniqueness. And then we lose our joy in celebrating the small moments, events and experiences that make living life so cool. When we lose the "little kid" in us, life really does become less fun.

Don't lose your "little kid."

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