Actions Create Change. Not Wishes.

February 16, 2013…

"Tomorrow…tomorrow…tomorrow." Most are always wishing tomorrow will be better. They want it to be. They need it to be.

One big problem: tomorrow will never be better unless the actions that created "today" change. Actions are what create events. Not wishes.

Risk Taking Now Avoids Regrets Later

February 15, 2013…

Know the best way to live a life without regrets? Become a big-time risk taker. Now.

When opportunity knocks, don't assume that the knock will come again later when you are more prepared. There is no guarantee that it will. Opportunity just doesn't work that way.

It's Your Time to Live! Now!

February 14, 2013…

Limited effort achieves limited success. It is not rocket science. Just understand the more limited your efforts to create change, you really have no realistic reason to complain or moan about the direction your life is going.

My suggestion? Don't live life setting inconsequential goals. Don't just exist. Don't wait until your old and wish, "I should have taken the risk." Now is your time.

There is a Better Way to Live

February 13, 2013…

Ever hear of the expression "walking unconsciousness"?

Are You a "Minimalist"?

February 12, 2013…

Are you a "minimalist?"

In the way I am choosing to use it, are you a person who puts in the least amount of effort possible…and even looks for ways to avoid putting in effort?

1. At work, do you sneak in time on the internet to play?
2. In your health, are you more apt to blame bad health issues on your DNA?

The Answer Is Not Found In Words...But Actions

February 11, 2013…

If you were asked the question…"Do you put in the minimum…or the maximum?"…what would your answer be?

1. At work?
2. At home?
3. In your friendships?
4. In your goals?
5. In your health?
6. In exercise?

Don't Make This Your Regret, Too

February 10, 2013…

How much time do you take for reflection? Do you just go through life without reflecting on why your life is what it is…or what you can do to potentially make it better?

In a past survey of 50 people over the age of 95, one of the biggest regrets these people shared was that they wished they would have "reflected more." Don't make this your regret, too.

Success is Not Something To Be Wished for…But Created.

February 9, 2013…

Are you one of those people who do what they say they will do in life?

1. Do you take pride in your work…and give people and events your best?
2. Do you pay attention to the little details that take things from "good"…to "great."
3. Do you put forth the extra effort necessary to have the highest quality in your relationships?

I Don't Like It, But I Know It's Good For Me

February 8, 2013…

Accountability is not a word many of us like to hear; I know it is not one I like to here for sure. But yet, I know how important the concept is if I really want to succeed.

Accountability get things done. It keeps me consistent. It makes things happen. Without accountability, too much is left to chance. And why would I want to take THAT kind of risk on my success, life and future?

Create a Better Life: Tips 5, 6 and 7

February 7, 2013…

Here are tips 5, 6 and 7 (of 7) that can make your life more positive, passionate and purposeful:

5. Don't flow with the "current"…the current news, the current emotion, the current moment. Don't let the "current" affect your day or your direction.

6. Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people will feed your negativity and all parts of your life will suffer.

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