Pay Attention to Today...and Tomorrow Will Always Be Better

January 20, 2013...

It's not uncommon for me to receive an email or meet someone who tells me, "I hate my life! Why should I believe tomorrow will be any better?"

My response back is simple: "I believe when we pay attention to the present then "Yes!" tomorrow will always be better."

Believing I'm Lucky Makes Me Lucky

January 19, 2013...

I'm lucky. That's what I believe. That's what I live every day.

I'm lucky to be alive. I'm lucky to be able to choose my career. I'm lucky to have great friends. I'm lucky to be able to think, feel and communicate.

Believing in all that luck gives me a sincere appreciation for my life, and why I carry that belief, I take a more positive attitude with me everywhere I go.

Where Do I Get Ideas?

January 18, 2013...

"Where do I get my ideas for my writing?"

Everywhere. Conversations. Books. News. Movies. From running. I get ideas from everything I do and see.

Four Rules to Make "Later" Feel Better

January 17, 2013…

We have the power to make our "laters" feel better. It begins by practicing four principles NOW:

1. Strike out fear.
2. Eliminate temporary insanity.
3. Stope being lazy.
4. Do the thing you KNOW you should do.

"Later" Starts "Now"

January 16, 2013…

Later, when the dust clears and the consequences of a decision become obvious, you'll notice a pattern: It feels better to have made the hard choice.

1. Later, you wish you had had one less drink.
2. Later, you wish you'd taken the risk.
3. Later, you wish you had made the effort to exercise.

Be Generous With Gratitude for Best Results

January 15, 2013...

All of us have had a time or two where we've needed to pick up the phone and call a customer service line regarding a problem we are having. The reason for the call, unfortunately, has us leading with less than our best attitude. Sometimes, in fact, we are darn right pissed.

Where is the Bar Set for You?

January 14, 2013…

When I was young, I was an excellent golfer (capable of breaking 80 before age 13). The reason? I only played with adults who knew how to play. Their skill was my standard. They set my improvement bar. Never did I play with people my caliber nor my age.

If You Want To know Your Current Potential...Look Around

January 13, 2013…

If you want to know your current potential, look at the current people with whom you are associating.

I believe that we rise and fall in life according to the level of the people with whom we associate. Want to SOAR and live a successful life? Then associate with empowered people. Want less than that? Then hang out with less than that.

Is There a Better Time Than NOW?

January 12, 2013...

"Starting tomorrow, I'll look for a new job." "Next month, I'll start saving money" "Next year, I'll apply to school."

Does tomorrow, next week or next year really cut it? Do you really think that "tomorrow" life will be any easier and all the challenges that currently block you from moving forward will be gone?

Watch Out For Auto-Pilot

January 11, 2013...

Every day, there are choices to make.. Some are big…and some are not-so-big. They begin the moment we get up in the morning. What to wear? What to have for breakfast? What toothpaste to use? What to have for lunch? What to think about? How to spend time? What to take action on?

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