Is "Gravity" Holding You Back?

January 3, 2013…

As you look to create the most exciting life you can, ask yourself if you are letting "gravity" hold back some of your future adventures. And if

Gravity...and Dreams

January 2, 2013…

One of the earliest Laws of Science we all learned as kids is the concept of "gravity"

See how high you can throw the ball in the air...before it falls back down. Jump off the swing set...and tumble as you land harder than expected. Perhaps you have memories of your own early gravity tests.

2013: A New Chapter Begins

January 1, 2013…

New year.
New chapter.
New hope.
New life.

What do you say we make 2013 the very best year of our lives?

More Good Things...or Bad?

December 31, 2012…

What do you remember more about this year: the good things that happened...or the bad things that happened?

How about taking a test? Type into the search engine of your brain: "What do I remember about this year?"

What events, people, experiences, and moments come up?

What Keeps You Motivated During the Tough Times?

December 30, 2012…

"So how do you get motivated when you don't feel like studying?" (That was the question I asked my friend.)

"Berkeley." (That was her one word answer back.)

Temporarily is Acceptable. Permanently is Not.

December 29, 2012…

Is there a goal in your life that you have let slip to the back burner because "stuff happens"…and life kicked it out of the front view window? How about taking another shot at it…and choosing not to let life permanently derail what we want?

The day we TEMPORARILY stop trying to accomplish something that is important to each of us is the day we allow ourselves to be pushed to the passenger side of our own life journey.

Here is Something to Really Strive For in 2013

December 28, 2012…

One thing most of us do in one way or another is to "strive."

We strive for a better job, a nicer car, and a bigger house. We strive to be popular, cool, and well-liked. We strive to be successful. We strive to have money. We strive to be loved.

Who Can You Spark in 2013?

December 27, 2012…

Who can you "spark" as we look to start 2013?

Walt Whitman wrote the great American classic, Leaves of Grass, because he was sent an encouraging note from Ralph Waldo Emerson that basically said "Go for it!"

Singing star, Kelly Clarkson, was sparked to audition for American Idol because of friends.

A 2013 Lesson From Napoleon Bonaparte

December 26, 2012…

As we begin to set new goals for 2013…maybe even goals in which we have failed in achieving with an earlier New Year's resolution…perhaps we can take a lesson out of the playbook of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Three Amazing Gifts

December 25, 2012...

Just a short "time out" to thank all those who read my blog and allow me to share a bit of me into the world. It is one of my greatest hopes that somewhere along the line, my life experiences and perspectives have encouraged you to live your life with a deeper passion and purpose.

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