Believe the Best is Yet to Come

December 24, 2012…

"The best is yet to come!"

I believe it. I dream it. I live it. Do you?

Believing "the best is yet to come" gives my day physical energy. I can empower. Believing "the best is yet to come" gives me the desire to dream bigger. I can motivate. Believing "the best is yet to come" gives me total optimism. I can encourage. Believing "the best is yet to come" is a great way to live.

Sharpening Your Ax...(Part 2)

December 23, 2012…

As the contest began, 50 tree rounds were lined up in front of each contestant. The log splitting giant began to whip his mighty ax over his head and back down with awesome force. He easily split his first 30 tree rounds while the underdog opponent had split only 25.

The Great Wood Splitting Challenge...(Part 1)

December 22, 2012…

After a number of preliminary contests, the two finalists in The Great Extra Mile Wood Splitting Challenge stood shoulder-to-shoulder.

Well, sort of.

You see, there was a rather large difference in the size of the two men.

Here is the Secret to Getting Noticed

December 21, 2012…

Do what you love with enough passion long enough, and people will notice you.

And then…

Possibility will open. Opportunity will be created. Success will be found. And your inner spirit will feel amazing knowing that your full potential is being maximized.

Looking For the Good in Every Day

December 20, 2012…

Something matter how big or small…must have happened for you today. It could have been as small a gesture as a simple smile from a stranger, but most assuredly, there was a "feel good" moment.

Was it a comment you received at work? A wagging dog tail when you came home? Was it that you exercised, kept your patience, or shared a positive word with a friend?

Do you have a "highlight of the day"?

December 19, 2012…

Do you have a "highlight of the day"?

At the end of each matter how successful or unsuccessful the day seemed...I always look for a highlight.

Some days my brain might not want to pull one out...but that's when I just have to dig a bit deeper and tell any "stinkin' thinkin'" that may be going on to "Hush!"

Where Does Courage Come From?

December 18, 2012…

Where does courage...the strength to do what you know you should do...come from?

1. It comes from having yourself.
2. It comes from wanting the best...for your life.
3. It comes from listening to your purest voice...and stepping out.

Don't Live Under a Cloud

December 17, 2012…

Have you ever wanted to make a huge change in your life, but overwhelming fear weighed you down?

The fear of the unknown...of leaving the known....can be absolutely paralyzing. The mental and emotional paralysis can be so intense that taking the action to make that change becomes impossible.

And then we forever have to live under a cloud of "I should have gone for it!"

Be a Doer. Not a Talker.

December 16, 2012…

People talk all the time. They talk about what they're going to accomplish. They talk about all the great goals they are going to achieve. They talk about writing the book, going back to school, going on a safari, or starting a business. And as so often happens...all the talking leads to little action being taken.

Be the opposite. Be a doer…not a talker. Be the model of what it means to take action.

Let Fear Slide Down the Importance Chart

December 15, 2012…

Some brave souls desire to perform in front of hundreds. Some people want to visit exotic countries. Some people want to climb the world's highest mountains. Some want to develop large fundraising events to help others.

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