Life Happens and There Will Always Be Surprises

December 4, 2012…

We can't control everything that happens to us in life. Life happens, and there will be surprises. But we can control how we deal with events that touch our world. And often, it is how we deal with those events and circumstances that give us the sort of control that gets us out of the back seat of our own life car and once again behind the steering wheel.

Give Yourself A Chance

December 3, 2012…

"Believe in your dreams! Limited thinking influencers who say 'You can't!' or 'That won't work!' are everywhere. Don't listen to them!"

Thinking About Throwing in the Towel?

December 2, 2012…

Sometimes to get the best out of ourselves...and life...we need to absorb the blows. We need to find a way to get through the tough times without quitting. We need to reject the thoughts that keep us from moving forward.
Quitting rarely carries a positive connotation.
It causes us to lose faith in ourselves. It promotes making smaller goals. It leads to mediocrity.

It's Easy To Want To Do

December 1, 2012…

It's easy to want to do at times.
To throw in the towel. To wave the white flag. To quit.
A relationship sours. A job becomes stressful. An idea is shot down. The easy thing to do is to abandon something that once was inspiring to your spirit.

Consider for a Moment: Part 2

November 30, 2012…

We have ten toes that assist with walking and ten fingers which make picking things up and sticking a button through a slit so much easier. We have two ears with which to hear the singing of a bird outside our morning window. We have a nose that can breathe in the fragrant smell of a mountain pine. We have two arms that can be wrapped around another human being. We have eyes with which to see the entire world around us.

Consider for a Moment: Part 1

November 29, 2012…

Just consider the following for a moment:
Most of us have two great legs to carry us from one spot to another. We have creative minds which allow us to think and problem-solve. We have taste buds that give us the opportunity to savor the sweetness of chocolate. We have a mouth and tongue which work perfectly fine in allowing us the ability to communicate.

What is on Your "Thank Goodness I Have..." List?

November 28, 2012…

Most of us probably have a "I wish I could change..." list. The items on our lists are far more frequently acknowledged and muttered over by all of us rather than any single item on our "Thank goodness I have...!" list.

What is on your "Thank goodness I have…" list?

You are Luckier Than You Think

November 27, 2012…

It's not a thought we consider often, but we are far luckier than we think. It's easier to complain about our physiological make-up than show gratitude in regard to the characteristics we are lucky to have.
"I wish I were taller." "I wish I had straight hair." I wish had a different nose." "My ears are funny looking." "My teeth are crooked."  "I hate my freckles." "My eyes are too big."

A Little Bit Everyday

November 26, 2012…

"Just work at it...a little every day. And that, Jay, is the answer. That's the secret to making great dreams come true. It's one of life's most powerful secrets!" (Excerpt from Amicus 101)

Today is Your day to Start Again!

November 25, 2012…

Have you been stumbling lately in life? Stumbles are unavoidable, but falling is. If things are going poorly, don't let temporary setbacks continue to hold you back. Don't allow temporary failures to be fatal.
Every day is a new day. Thank goodness, huh?
And TODAY is your day to start again.

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