Ever asked, "What's My Purpose?"

"How do I find my life purpose?" This is the #1 question I am asked.

Avoiding Gravity

We know gravity as the force that keeps our feet on the ground and causes objects to fall. 

But gravity is way more than that.

One of My All-time Worst Days...

One of my worst days ever turned into one of my best days ever. 
On the same day.

Know Your Shadow

Our shadow is always there. Sometimes we recognize it. Sometimes we don't.

Who's Driving?

Sometimes, many times, most of the time...what others say or do can affects us.
Sometimes quite forcefully.

Losing Steam?

Feel like you're striving for a goal or cause and it's losing steam?

Hold on to Your Simple

It's easier to live a happy and empowered life when we regularly "hold on to our simple."

What is "hold on to our simple"?

The Fake News That Affects YOU Most

Fake news is exaggerated or 100% made up.  
We read it, we hear it...and if we don't know any better, we can potentially fall into the deceptor's trap. Fake news has the power to make us open our wallets, change our minds, and ultimately believe something that isn't real or true.

Life Be a Changin'...

The U.S. will soon have a new President.
Life be a changin'.

When Bad News Strikes...

Thoughts and actions.

Thoughts and actions.

Thoughts and actions.


It's the mantra that gets me back on the right track.


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