"I wish!"

November 14, 2012…

We live in interesting times. Advertisements -- everywhere -- remind us of the "amazing" products we "can't live without." Our desire begins to ache regarding how great it would be to talk on the next-generation phone…and in a couple of easy finger motions, we can order flowers, make dinner reservations, and check email all within five minutes...on the same gadget.

Block Out Why You Can't...and Focus on Why You Can

November 13, 2012…

Goals become easily rejected when excuses start to take center stage. When negative voices begin to fill our ears and negative thoughts dominate our thinking regarding our goals, we're in trouble. That's when what we REALLY want for our lives becomes sacrificed for what our brains THINK is safe for us to have.

It's the Days in the Middle That Count

November 12, 2012…

The day we were born? We had zero say in the matter. The day that we die? Unfortunately, that decision is mostly out of our hands, too. But where are lives are really made to count are all the days in between, and in those days, we have complete say. For each, we are the writer, the director and the producer.

What are you doing in your role as the writer, director and producer of your days?

Become a Great Seed Planter

November 11, 2012…

Every day, I carry the objective of doing some "seed planting" or "watering."

1. I plant/water opportunity seeds with the intention of creating professional opportunity.
2. I plant/water empowerment seeds in others with the intention of adding vitality to their next life step.

Feeling Hopeless?

November 10, 2012…

Feeling hopeless...and even futureless?

Then the #1 answer to shifting both of those feelings is to focus on taking more ACTION to change those things! NOW!

What Are You Doing To Make a Difference?

November 9, 2012…

What are you doing to make your organization significantly better? Not just your day-today duties that may be valuable, but what are you REALLY doing beyond that to make your organization REALLY special?

What are you doing that benefits your community? Is there a social cause in which you are investing your energy, resources and time?

Are You Raising the Bar Higher?

November 8, 2012…

Gloomy stories and statistics that tell us why we "can't" do something are everywhere. If we spent all of our time either listening/reading the news, we would be in a constant state of paralysis: economic numbers are declining, a local murder, a deadly car crash.

Are You Trading Your Eight Hours for a Paycheck?

November 7, 2012…

I was in Newark, New Jersey, and I met Jonathan Gelletta with New Jersey Cares. He loved what he was doing because he knew that it was making a difference. It was that difference that empowered him to keep coming back to work…passionately.

"When I go home, I know I have done something. I didn't trade eight hours of my life for a paycheck."

Live From Your Heart and Watch What Happens

November 6, 2012…

Roxanne Black, the Founder of the Friends' Health Connection once shared with me: "When you do something from your heart...a higher force and guidance steps in."


No matter your spiritual beliefs, you have to believe that when something is done sincerely and from the heart, our purest self shines through. And when that happens…we become our most believable and powerful.

Get Up and Do Something!

November 5, 2012…

Everybody has an idea on what needs to improve…at work, in their communities, in their country. Unfortunately, very few actually take any action to do anything about that gripe.

One woman I met in Philadelphia, Brooke Allen, has the exact opposite approach. If she sees a problem, she jumps in and does what she can to make things better. Her advice to others: "Don't sit around and talk and complain...get up and do something!"

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