The Power of Knowing Your “Stuff”

September 25, 2012...

"Discover the incredible power of knowing your stuff. And then, you'll discover what it means to get that special glimmer in your eye that others read as pure confidence." 
 -  Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos

The Reason Failure is Easy

September 24, 2012…

Dreaming is the easy part. Developing a comprehensive plan on how to make the dream happen? Now that’s not so easy.

Why Do We Fall Short of Our Goals?

September 23, 2012…

"I plan on failing!" Probably, this four-word sentence is not one in which you spend much time focusing. (Your pre-race running strategy with a five-year-old doesn't count.) More than likely, the opposite four words have dominated your mindset much more frequently: "I plan on succeeding!"
So if our intention is always about “succeeding,” why do we so often end up falling short of our goals?

There is Something Worse than Hearing "No"

September 22, 2012...

The really ugly, awful truth about hearing “no” too many times is that it has the potential of making us rethink our goals.
“Seriously…do I want to hear ‘no’ forever? Maybe this goal really is impossible.”

Hearing “No” Sucks

September 21, 2012…

Nobody likes to hear it. “No.” “I’m sorry. I’m not interested.” “Not now. Maybe later.”
It comes in so many forms.
Unfortunately, "no" is a word that is impossible to avoid hearing in life. “No” comes with living. It comes from pushing outside our comfort zone.

Failure is Only Permanent If…

September 20, 2012…

Do you hear the knocking? Has failure been banging at your door? The first piece of counsel, don't answer the door!
Talking about "failure" is certainly not a favorite topic with anybody. Discussing our own past and current failures rates even lower on the “I want to do that!” list.

What Fear is Stopping You from Going For It?

September 19, 2012...

"Perhaps that's where your trouble lays.  You're looking in this everything around you...for answers when you should be looking inside yourself." 
 - Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos
Here are two big questions for you.

Are You a "Possibility Thinker"?

September 18, 2012…

Do you look and wonder what is possible…or are you stuck on what seems impossible?
Possibility thinkers share two common qualities when it comes to focusing their vision on what they want in life.

"Extra Mile" People Connection

September 17, 2012…

Are you bringing your best to the people with whom you interact? Here a few goals you can claim as your own this week to help you be an "extra mile" people connector:

1.  Always smile.
2.  Be an encourager with your words. When someone is down, be a "Battery Charger of the Human Spirit” and lift someone’s confidence and hope.

How Can I Turn This Into a Positive?

September 16, 2012…

Unwelcome moments and experiences routinely barge their way into our day. Often, their presence acts like a giant cruise ship anchor on the rest of our day. But regardless of events, the rest of the day doesn’t need to sink to the ocean floor, too. It all depends on how you process mentally what is happening. When something bad happens in your day, ask yourself, "How can I turn this into a positive?"

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