Thoughts Into Feelings

September 14, 2012…

How do you feel about your job? How do you feel about your life? The meaning that we give things mentally directly impacts how we feel about our lives emotionally.

Don't Wait to Make Changes

September 13, 2012…

I was reminded this week that life is way too short. Two people I know passed away this week, and they were both in their 40's. Every dream they wanted to accomplish, every moment they still had left on their bucket list, every conservation that went not being had...all done and passed now. There are no do-overs.

What Data Are You Entering Into Your Brain?

September 12, 2012…

Each of us has the ability to live with more passion, more energy, greater purpose and greater harmony by selecting the information that is entered into the computer that rests on our shoulders…our brain. The information that goes “in” will have a huge affect on the emotion that comes “out.”
What kind of information are you putting into your “computer”?

How Do You Start Your Day?

September 11, 2012...

Are your first thoughts in the morning positive or negative? Hey…why let random events control your thought direction? Why not control them yourself beginning first thing in the morning.
One powerful tool you can use to start your mornings is to ask the following three empowering questions. They will create a positive momentum that can be built on throughout your day.

Until Your Final Breath

September 10, 2012…

A quote from A Better Life: An Empowering Story About Starting Over:
"With a very heavy heart, I can say that there's little in the world that I find more upsetting than unrealized potential." 

Four Routines I Follow

September 9, 2012…

There are some routines that we can follow that create ordinary existences. On the other hand, there are routines that we can also follow that can create extraordinary lives. Positive, grounded, dynamic living...successful all about what routines we choose to add to our lives.
Here are FOUR routines that I do my best to follow:

Sometimes What We Dislike Can Really Be Good For Us

August 8, 2012…

Some people don't like following a routine. In fact, I am one of those people.  To me, routine can lead to ruts and ordinary days. I do my best to run from both.
There comes a time when even those of us who passionately avoid routine need to be humbled by its amazing value.

Did You Have a Bad Day?

September 7, 2012…

Did you have a bad day? The best choice is to let it go. Of course, learn from it...figure why mistakes were made and what the "trigger" was that might have sent you spiraling the wrong direction…but then, move forward. Forget yesterday. Focus on today.
If you’ve been beating yourself up not only about yesterday, but yesteryear, it's time to let the past be the past. Move forward. Enough is enough.

The Secret to Making Dreams Come True

September 6, 2012…

A quote from A Better Life: An Empowering Story About Starting Over.
"Just work at it...a little bit every day. That’s the answer.  That's the secret to making great dreams come true.  It's one of life's most powerful secrets." 

Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. Everyday.  Are you taking them towards your dream?

Everyday is a Chance For a “Do Over”

September 5, 2012...

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