Want a Better Tomorrow?

August 26, 2012…

Want a better tomorrow? Don't rely on others' solutions or answers to fix your problems. Become your own activist, and change your future by changing what you do today. That's all tomorrow is really. It’s the result of all of our actions from today and previous days.

Are You Happy?

August 25, 2012…

Are you happy with what’s going on in your life…currently? If not…what are you doing about it? Are you being pro-active to create the change you want? The bottom line is if you don't like what's going on in your life right now, and if you have adopted a "wait-and-see" attitude regarding tomorrow, you'll more than likely have a future that looks very much the same as your today.
How would that feel?

"If I am patient...the changes will come."

August 24, 2012…

Hmmm...really? Waiting for change is passive. And I don't remember too many times that I created the situation I wanted in life by being passive. Waiting for a sign, for direction, for the go-ahead from a boss, friend, the government, whoever...I have found that it often only leads it to just more darn waiting. When the situation involves me and my future? I don't like to wait.

Hoping…and Waiting…for Life to Change

August 23, 2012…

"I hope things get better in the future.”

Thrive. Happily.

August 22, 2012...

It's the Little Victories That Keep Us Climbing

August 21, 2012…

It’s easy to get so caught up chasing the big goal prize that all the little “wins” along the way seem inconsequential. We forget to celebrate the awesome little victories that make up the journey of getting to the grand prize.
That’s really crummy.

Small Baby Steps…Daily…to Achieve Your Goal

August 19, 2012…
"Do something every single day that pushes you a little bit closer to achieving your goal. Baby step. Big life dreams...small daily steps."   - Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos
What baby step did YOU take towards your dream today?

Shawn Anderson

How Self-Aware Are You?

August 19, 2012…

Self-awareness of our mistakes and why we make them is a crucial step in developing self-mastery. We have two choices: We can either lie to ourselves and say, “It just wasn’t meant to be. This is as good as it’s going to get.” Or we could really look deep into ourselves and say, "How am I sabotaging my life…and my success?”

Water the Seeds of Hope with Action

August 18, 2012…

Who’s Really Stopping YOU?

August 17, 2012…

There is nothing that can absolutely guarantee that we'll accomplish a goal, but there's one thing that will most assuredly guarantee that we won't: self-sabotage. Sure, small bumps in the road can always dishearten our mission and temporarily throw us off course, but it's only our own inadequate effort and/or failing belief that can stop us permanently.

Shawn Anderson

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