The Amazing Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Hanging merely by an ankle.
Swaying on a trapeze.
Spinning 25 feet in the air.
Wowing the crowd below.

Does the Life You Live Match the Life You Want?

Does the life you live match the life you wantAnd...are you even plugged in to make it happen?

Overcoming Fear

My secret to pushing past fear? 

I picture myself AFTER doing the scary thing...rather than BEFORE doing it.



The Making of a Ragpicker

Books have had a "WOW!" impact on my life. 

YOUR Perfect Day

Here's an interesting question:  

"What does TODAY's perfect day look like?"

Asked every morning, the question gives me the opportunity to cast a vision for what would make me feel great at the end of the day. With the vision cast, I then have a "map" to follow that will lead me to destination "Perfect." 

Question #17: What's Next For You?

This week, I was answering 17 questions for a magazine interview in Africa.

After completing the first 16 answers with all the passion and purpose I could find using those 26 letters of the alphabet, I came to the last question:

Living In Bunches

This week's column is for YOU if:

1. You've been living a bunch of GOOD days in a row...
and you want to keep the positive mojo going and feeling awesome about your life.

Focus...and Unload


An excessively heavy and over-loaded "wheelbarrow" is prone to tip over.

Fear is a Thief

It steals our wings. 

It hijacks our dreams. 

It kidnaps our confidence.

One WWW Site Not Worth Visiting

Whine. Worry. Weep.
They are always options.

If you dread Mondays and don't find passion in your could just "WWW" about it.

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