Reason #1 Not To Take the Easy Road

August 6, 2012…

#1. If we take the easy road once, we unfortunately make it easier every time after that when things get hard to take it again. Follow the easy route too many times, and our lives end up being filled by talking about others' success rather than living our own success.
I don’t think any of us want that.
Shawn Anderson

Why Do We Take the Easy Road?

August 5, 2012…

Why do we take the easy road? It's because taking the easy road requires less thinking. It's because taking the easy road demands less energy. It's because taking the easy road requires less willpower. And often, taking the HIGH road (the more productive, positive, and valuable road) isn't as appealing as watching Entertainment Tonight.

What Excuses Do You Use?

August 4, 2012...
"I'll do it tomorrow." (Ever said that?)

"I'm can wait." (This one's always a sure-fire keeper!)
"Oh...what's one more day?" (Oh, yeah! That's definitely a good one, isn't it?)

Success and Happiness Are Up To YOU

August 3, 2012…

I believe that creating success and happiness in our individual lives is 100% an "inside" job. I also believe it only begins when we commit to truly building ourselves. If you feel your cup is half full...then make the decision to start filling it up daily with things that build you, encourage you, and empower you.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

Does Your Goal Seem Impossible?

August 2, 2012…

"Block out reasons why you can't do something and focus on why you can do it!" - Excerpt from the life-changing book Amicus 101
Question: Do you have a current goal in your life, but are blinded by all the reasons why the goal can’t be achieved? Perhaps it’s time to reverse your thinking…even if achieving the goal PRESENTLY seems impossible.

Is Your Life Going How You Would Like?

August 1, 2012…

Ask yourself, "Is my life (job/career/financial situation) going how I would like it to go?"

“Now” Is Always the Best Time

July 31, 2012…

Life skies can get dark, and life can get a bit rugged at times. But remember, you always have the choice to take command of your life and set a new attitude course. You can choose to do it at anytime...and at any instant.
I have always found "now" to be the best time.

Shawn Anderson

Keep Growing

July 30, 2012…

Does life seem to “have you by the tail” lately? Here is tip #3 of 4 to help when you feel out of control of your own destiny:

Keep Knowing

July 29, 2012…

When your world is feeling crummy, here is tip #2 of 4:
2. Keep Knowing. Keep believing in yourself! Believe in your purpose...and your mission. Have confidence that eventually the sun will follow the storm. Because it always does.

Shawn Anderson

Keep Going

July 28, 2012…

When your world is stinging and you're feeling a bit upside down, here is tip #1 of 4:

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