Bad Days Happen

July 27, 2012…

It is extraordinarily clear that a lot of people are stinging.

Certainly, there are those who are struggling big time because of economic reasons. They need a job. They need a paycheck. They need insurance. They have to move because they can't keep their house. Perhaps you know a face or two that match these descriptions.  I do.

Where are You Looking for Answers?

July 26, 2012…

"Sometimes the answers to your questions are not where you have grown accustomed to looking. When you open your eyes to possibility, you need to close your ears to probability. Sometimes that even means closing your ears to your own voice." - Amicus

Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos.

Shawn Anderson

Your Legacy Is Determined By What You Do Today

July 25, 2012…

What will your legacy be? How will your life be remembered?
We might not be sure of those answers exactly...but one thing is for certain...the answers will be rooted in the seeds we individually plant today.
Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
Motivational Keynote Speaker

What Will Your Legacy Be?

July 24, 2012…

A few years ago, I toured Great Britain for the first time. In visiting England, Wales, and Scotland, I was overwhelmed by the history of the United Kingdom. I saw cathedrals and castles that had been standing four times longer than the United States has even been a country. I was surrounded by thousands of years of historical richness.
I was also surrounded by one very big reminder. 

Small Rewards As We Climb the Ladder

July 23, 2012…

Small rewards sure help on the way to achieving big goals. I’m a big believer in giving yourself an "Atta' boy/girl!" as you climb the rungs up to the top of your goal ladder. Celebrating our successes is important. It's what gets us through more challenging times when victories seem slow in coming. And it keeps us climbing. It’s not always about getting to the top of the ladder. It is always about getting up the next rung.

Are You Doing Everything Yourself?

July 21, 2012…

Is there a goal in your life you are trying to tackle single-handedly? Are you trying to go to the moon as a solo act? Give some thought today about whom you might enlist on your team to give you that extra push up the mountain with a goal that is important to you.
Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
Motivational Keynote Speaker

In Achieving Great Plans...Do Not Run Solo

July 21, 2012...

Is It Really Impossible?

July 20, 2012…

Fifty-nine years ago, one man carried with him a goal that people around the world felt was impossible...running a mile in under four minutes. Back then, many believed that neither the heart nor lungs could take it and that running a mile that fast would kill you.
"It was humanly impossible."

Put in the Time

July 19, 2012...

"As important as talent is, very little can stop the professional who puts in the extra hours, days, weeks, months and years preparing to succeed."

Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

Three Questions That Can Change "Good" to "Great"

July 18, 2012…

1. In your meeting and presentations, how would you rate your confidence to speak up and let your thoughts be heard?
2. In one-on-one conversations with your boss, do you know your "stuff" and feel good about the meeting...afterwards?
3. Do you really prepare to succeed...or do you honestly fail to put in the time and effort?

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