How Well Do You Know Your "Stuff"?

July 17, 2012…

Being 100% prepared and game ready is the cornerstone of confident thinking.  Preparation is what turns a once ordinary performer into an extraordinary results-producer. Preparation is what can catapult us to the success we crave.

A Trait All Great Achievers Share

July 16, 2012…

Great achievers and peak performers share a common trait: an incredible self-confidence in their ability to succeed. They expect victory to happen. And then it does.

Big League Confidence

July 15, 2012…

Arguably, the greatest baseball hitter to ever walk the earth was a player named Ty Cobb. Holding the highest lifetime batting average in the history of the game (.367), Ty was simply an awesome hitter. 
And he knew it.

How Can You Not Believe?

July 14, 2012…

Picture EACH individual grain of sand on the last beach you visited. Next, picture EVERY grain of sand on EVERY beach in the world. Finally, consider that some scientists estimate that if you counted EVERY one of those individual grains of sand on the ENTIRE earth, there would still be more stars in the sky by a 100 to 1 ratio!

Why Not Chase Rainbows?

July 13, 2012...

"Why not chase rainbows? Why not build castles and paint mountains?" 

Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos

Three BIG Picture Questions...

July 12, 2012…

We live in a "no limits" universe where possibility is greater than we could ever imagine. Why not consider expanding our own possibility thinking to match the universe in which we live?
Tonight, take a walk outside, look up, and using the amazing possibility of the unlimited universe that surrounds you as a model, add a bit of fresh possibility thinking to the following three B-I-G picture questions:

A Universe-Size Question

July 11, 2012…

Here’s a pretty large question for you: When we live in a universe so amazingly infinite in size, why do we focus on thinking so small about our own potential?

Unlimited Thinking

July 10, 2012…

Many of us have looked at the night sky and been awestruck by the mystery of space...and the stars. With the naked eye, we can see 2,500+ brilliant stars shining down on us that are millions of miles away. That alone is pretty inspiring.  
But that's ONLY a tip of the inspiration that truly exists when we look up.

Letting Go of the Rules

July 9, 2012…

Imagine...Just Imagine!

July 8, 2012…

"Imagine the future.  Imagine YOUR future.  Imagine what would happen in your career if you performed your job with excellence every single day.
Imagine what would happen in the relationships in your life if you greeted every person you met as if they were the most important person in the world.

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