What Would You Do Differently?

July 7, 2012...     
Years ago, there was a survey by Dr. Tony Campolo that really stuck with me. Dr. Campolo asked fifty people over the age of 95 a powerful question:
"If you could live your life over again, what would you do differently?" 
His leading answers?

Create Your Own Destiny...Breathe Life Into Your Dreams!

July 6, 2012…
"You have a unique destiny to fulfill, my friend, and it's time for you to start dreaming to make it happen. Dream powerfully! Dream purposefully! Dream passionately!”

Excerpt from Amicus 101: A Story About the Pursuit of Purpose and Overcoming Life's Chaos.
What dreams can you breathe life into...and change your destiny?

Be a "Possibility Thinker"...and Create Real Change

July 5, 2012…

Don't Let "Possibility Thinking" Be Replaced with "Dependency Seeking"

July 4, 2012...
Toxic news can be overwhelming, if we let it. Everyday, news channels shout out what’s wrong with the world. Fill your head with enough “news,” and you start to wonder if your own effort even matters. Unfortunately, when we listen to it, toxic news has the ability to cast a very long shadow on how we look at our own life and circumstances.
And that's a shame.

“Going the Extra Mile” Creates Positive Momentum

July 3, 2012...

Sure, “going the extra mile” takes time and energy. It’s definitely not as easy as staying on the same path we currently walk…but it can produce results and victories far more satisfying. So go for it! Who knows what positive momentum you can create for a friend, for your workplace, or for yourself if you do.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author

Three Ways to Improve Your Life Now

July 2, 2012…
1) Add additional value to a client or your company. Make a few extra calls. Send a note of appreciation. Brainstorm fresh ideas. In today's economic climate, your action has the potential to make a difference.

Go the Extra Mile TWICE Today!

July 1, 2012…
Go the extra mile…not just once…but TWICE today! Why twice? Because two times reinforces the idea that we truly are capable of creating a positive wave of influence in our world. And who knows? We might like the results so darn much that we might even choose to commit to going the extra mile at least once EVERY day!

One life. That’s it.

June 30, 2012…

We get but one life. That’s all we get. So why do so many people spend so much time fooling around and living one that…at times…they dislike so much? Isn’t it time to realize that life is not forever? Isn’t it time that we take the risks to make our dreams really come true?

Is Your Age Issue Holding You Back?

June 29, 2012…
Our age can definitely set a few mental barriers in our thinking about what we can achieve. Limited thinking statements such as "I'm too old to go back to school" or "I'm too young to start my own business" are crummy excuses that limit the ultimate potential of your life.

So…why let them?

Shawn Anderson

Possibility Thinking…or Possibility Sinking?

June 28, 2012…
In what area of your life do you need to become more of a "possibility thinker"...and far less of a "possibility sinker"? Is it in your finances, your career or your health goals? How about choosing to raise any anchors that have previously limited your thinking…and just say, “I’m going for it!” instead?

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