Life Be a Changin'...

The U.S. will soon have a new President.
Life be a changin'.

A dog walking partner is moving to Florida. 
Another dog walking partner's dog died.

Life be a changin'.

A friend's daughter is now a sophomore in high school. 
A friend is recovering from a stroke.  
A friend's grandfather died. 
A friend started a new job. 
A friend started a promising relationship. 
A friend just divorced. 
A friend moved into an awesome new home.

Life be a changin'.

It always is.

People, opportunities, events, experiences...they come and they go.

If there were ever a reason to inspire us to be our best self every day, it's that life is so darn short. It comes and goes soooo fast. 

If you're looking for a reason to find your best motivation this year to look your best, be your best, do your best, give your best...there you have it. 

Life be a changin'.

People, opportunities, events, experiences...they won't last forever.

Now is the time to soak in the good and not be rattled by the bad.
Now is the time to not be afraid to live.
Now is the time to give your life the best that is in you.

Because some day...
Life be a changin.'

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