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"Go the Extra Mile" with Shawn Anderson (Interview with Kristy Jo Hunt)
Power Your Life Today, April 2017


Motivational Expert Finds Insight to Empower Others By Becoming Modern Day Forrest Gump
Digital Journal, April 2017


Going The Extra Mile w/ Shawn Anderson and Imagine with CousinKate (Interview with Winifred Adams)
 Making Life Brighter, April 2017


The power of going the extra mile with Shawn Anderson (Interview with Aditya Jaykumar)
My Seven Chakras, April 2017


Success Running Downhill? Motivational Expert Shares 5 Tips to Change Direction, April 2017


Collaboration, The Secret Marathon and Going the Extra Mile (Interview with David B. Savage)
Break Through to Yes with Collaboration, Voice of America, March 2017


Going the Extra Mile Can Get Us Closer to Our Purpose at Work (Interview with Alise Cortez, PhD)
Working on Purpose, Voice of America, March 2017


Motivate Your Dreams (Interview with Dr. Rebecca Risk)
Falling Through the Cracks, Voice of America, February 2017


Never Too Late To Create Great Life – Success Expert Reveals Quick Secrets, January 2017


Success Guru Offers 3 Crucial Tips To Create a Better 2017, January 2017


Motivational Expert Suggests 5 Amusing Tips to Guarantee a Lousy 2017, December 2016

Shawn Anderson, inspiring, inspirational, motivational, speaker, life coach, trainer, author


The Book, A Better Life, Hits #1 in Motivation and Self-Help on Kindle, December 2016


Extra Mile Day Footprint Reaches 350 Cities, September 2016


#1 Ranked Motivational Author Shares #1 Secret to Staying Motivated, August 2016


Amazon #1 Author Shares Secret to Staying Motivated when Life "Kicks Your Ass", August 2016




Motivational Ebook, A Better Life, Rises to #1 on Amazon, July 2016

The -Extra Mile Man-

Voice of America Radio Interview by Dr. Irene Conlan, July 2016


Motivational Author Walks Talk: Shawn Anderson Finishes 750-Mile Japan Adventure
NBC2, June 2016


53-Year-Old Motivational Author Crosses 4th Country in Tennies, April 2016

Motivational Speaker Walks Talk with Latest 750 Mile Adventure, April 2016

Motivation Expert Shawn Anderson: How I Stay Motivated, March 2016


Motivational Guru Asks, "Are You Living in a Funk?", March 2016

Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Offers Tips to Escape the Funk, March 2016

Shawn Anderson's a Better Life Hits Amazon's #1 Motivational Book, February 2016

Success Guru Shares 3 Tips to Avoid Blowing 2016 Resolutions, January 2016

Success Guru Shares 5 Tips to Overcome Life's Drama, January 2016


Motivational Guru Offers Life-Changing Secrets for 2016, December 2015


Success Guru Offers Lighthearted Tips to Guarantee Lousy 2016, December 2015


Profiles of Changemakers: Shawn Anderson, founder, Extra Mile America Foundation, December 2015


Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Announces the Book of BE, December 2015


Extra Mile Day Drives Question: Am I Living My Best Life?Shawn Anderson, inspiring, inspirational, motivational, speaker, life coach, trainer, author, October 2015


Shawn Anderson Shares Inspiration Behind Extra Mile Day, October 2015


Tired of life as a rut? Check out ‘Extra Mile’, September 2015

Shawn Anderson to Empower Miss America Contestants in Making a Difference, September 2015


Negros Daily Bulletin, August 2015


Motivational Speaker Shawn Anderson to Inspire 3,000 at Philippine Summit 
PRWire, August 2015


‘Extra Mile Man’ to speak at PCL summit 
The Daily Guardian, August 2015


Int'l Speaker, Author Shawn Anderson Empowers Bacolenos to ‘GO THE EXTRA MILE’
Negros Daily Bulletin, August 2015

3,000 delegates to attend PCL coop summit 
Watchmen Daily Journal, August 2015


2nd PCL Convention Slated in Bacolod City 
Negros Daily Bulletin, August 2015


Author Shawn Anderson To Motivate Thousands In Philippines 
The Canadian Business Journal, July 2015


Author Shawn Anderson Walks Talk With Motivational Adventure, May 2015

Inspirational Success Speaker to Energize 20,000 in Philippines, April 2015

Shawn Anderson Set to Motivate 20,000 on Philippines Speaking Tour, March 2015


Success Guru Offers Tongue-in-Cheek Solutions to Keep Going Nowhere in Life, March 2015


Make Your Favorite Movie of All Time the One You are Living, February 2015


6 Critical Choices That Sway Success, February 2015


Success or suckcess? 6 choices that decide your fate, January 2015


Ready to Kick Butt in 2015? Motivational Guru Shares 3 Tips to Make the New Year Your Year, December 2014


What This Motivational Expert Has To Say About Bicycling Across America and Going the Extra Mile 
 (Interview), November 2014


Make a Living, Make a Difference and Live a Healthy Vibrant Life with Shawn Anderson (Interview), November 2014

Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Shares Vision Behind Extra Mile Day
CNN, November 2014


Shawn Anderson to Donate 5,000 Books to California Shelters and Outreach Centers
CNN, September 2014


Shawn Anderson Offers Free Success Coaching to Businesses That Give Back, September 2014


Five ways to stay motivated, even after your 100th rejection, August 2014


Shawn Anderson - July 23, 2014 (Interview)
SacandCo (ABC), July 2014


Shawn Anderson - May 27, 2014 (Interview)
SacandCo (ABC), May  2014


Shawn Anderson - April 16, 2014 (Interview)
SacandCo (ABC), April  2014


Motivational Guru Shawn Anderson Offers Tips to Escape the Funk
Reuters, April 2014


Op-Ed: Motivational speaker/author believes in going the 'extra mile', March 2014




Motivational Speaker, Shawn Anderson Offers 8 Tips in Creating Olympian-Like Success, February 2014


Overcoming Life's Chaos (Interview), May 2013


Best-selling Author Shawn Anderson Shares Four Resolution Tips To Guarantee a Disappointing 2013, December 2012


Shawn Anderson’s Latest Book Tops Amazon Best Selling List, August 2011


Who is Shawn Anderson?, October 2009


Shawn Anderson is an Author, Motivational Speaker and Success Coach (Interview)
American Hope Radio Network


SHAWN ANDERSON : How To Achieve Greatness In Your Life (Interview)


Shawn Anderson author of A Better Life shares his lessons (Interview)


The Extra-Mile Day Shawn Anderson


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