Three Very, VERY Awesome Gifts...For You


It's the season of gifts.  And I have three for you. 

Each of the gifts is an intangible. There are no bows nor wrappings included. There is no assembly nor batteries needed. You can't touch them or even see them, but when the time is right, my greatest hope is that they will come to your rescue.

Especially when you need them most.

GIFT #1: An infinite box of "Courage." 

In the new year, you will have decisions to make that may have the potential to be positively life-changing. When fear winks at you and you don't think you have the courage to "go for it!" this gift. Courage is yours.

GIFT #2: A never-ending supply of "Perseverance." 

In future weeks, you might have a moment (or ten) where you are feeling defeated, overwhelmed or super-exhausted by life. Pull this present out...and use an ounce (or a pound) of perseverance. It will give you the power to continue when you think you can't.

GIFT #3: An endlessly overflowing mug of "Gratitude." 

In 2018, you will have a moment (or two) where you may get down on yourself and your life. When you do, take a big swig from this gift...and you will feel the gratitude of what you do have in your life rather than the frustration of what you don't have.

Your three gifts?

1. Courage. 

2. Perseverance.

3. Gratitude.  

My gift to you is to remind you that they're yours.


Inside you, each gift already exists.

Whatever lies ahead in 2018, we each have the power in us to make this coming year our most adventurous, inspiring and purposeful year...ever.

All we have to do is open our gifts.

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