Don't Push the Domino


Ever play with dominoes? Stand one next to another.

Push one. Watch them all fall.

The 1st falling domino passes its energy to the the the 10th. A chain reaction is put into play. 

Starting with one.

Feeling angry because of what someone said or did? Has your day been brutal? Are you pissed because someone cut you off on the road? Feeling hurt because of someone's insensitivity? Thinking crummy about yourself? Receive poor customer service? Uptight because of an argument? Did your favorite team lose? Bad day at work? Did you get turned down? Cranky about the aches and pains of life?  

Feeling negative about...anything?

Then be very careful about the words and "attitude" that come out of your mouth when you talk to others.

Don't pass forward your negative energy.

Don't push the domino.

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