Who's Driving?

Sometimes, many times, most of the time...what others say or do can affects us.
Sometimes quite forcefully.
The words and actions of others can disappoint us. Frustrate us. Anger us. The words and actions of others can make us sad. And resentful. And wishful. On the flip side, they can make us celebrate. They can give us hope. And pride. And inspiration.
Others can turn our worlds upside down...or right-side up.
However, the more we let what she says or he does run our "feeling and thought machine," the more power we give to that person to be the engineer of our world.
That can be risky to our happiness.
It doesn't matter who the person is...the family member, the ex, the co-worker, the boss, the friend, the reviewer, the customer, the stranger, the newsmaker...don't give your best thoughts, feelings and actions away because someone else does or says something that pokes you. Place too much emotional emphasis on what others do and say, and you are just begging yourself to have a bad day...either today or in the future.
We may have 10...100...1,000...1,000,000...influencers that surround us, but wisdom suggests not letting any of them drive our thoughts and feelings to the point where chaos slips into our own mental and emotional world.
Don't let someone else get behind your wheel.
And if someone has...realize it.

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