There are 1,001 Excuses


I was in Callao, Peru, standing in a taxi line waiting to hire a driver to Lima.  

Two women, mid-60's, were standing in front of me figuring out options to head to my same destination.

I initiated conversation, and once we started chatting, we discovered we were on the same exploration mission. We agreed to share a driver for the day...and instantaneously a day's travel partnership was formed.

Maxine and Joyce are quilting buddies from Kansas City. Both widowed, they encouraged each other to take a 17-day cruise that would eventually land them in Santiago, Chile. Joyce walked with a cane because of her artificial knee and hip, but it didn't stop her from repeatedly sharing with me with great boldness, "Hey, anywhere you want to go, I'll go! I'm not going to slow you down!"

The traffic on the road was fierce, so we had plenty of time to bond in the car. Once we parked in Lima, our driver escorted us on a walking tour, and we shared an adventurous day together visiting historic landmarks, navigating downtown streets, and shopping for trinkets from Peruvian Indian women carrying babies on their back.

It was a positively memorable day.

Maxine and Joyce knew every excuse they collectively shared that supported reasons to have stayed in Kansas City and be quilting together instead of traveling to South America...expense, age, health, family, safety concerns...but staying home wasn't going to happen.

Not now. 

And not next time.

We can find 1,001 excuses not to take the leap. It's easy to say "No...I can't."

But life is never as much fun when we choose to keep saying it.

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