A Dog Named Noodles


A few days ago, I met "Noodles"...a dog who has a "storybook in his nose."

With my backpack heaved over my shoulders, I was slowing walking along a boardwalk-type path in Bray, Ireland, taking in the views of the Irish coast when he came up to me to say "hello!" 

If anything, the dog resembled a Basset Hound mix. Sporting a tail that was in permanent 200-wag-a-minute mode, the happy little guy came waddling up to me and gave a couple of long "Let me check you out!" sniffs. Evidently satisfied with what his nose uncovered, he looked up at me with his big, loving eyes to let me know that he thought I was pretty cool. Our friendship moment was short, however, as his little legs dashed him off in a hurry to a world of other promising smells.

I asked the guy on the OTHER end of the leash what the dog's name was. 

"Noodles," he shared. "And he has a storybook in his nose."

Wouldn't it be interesting if Noodles really COULD share some of his stories?


We're all writing one, and we keep adding to the sentences, paragraphs and chapters with each new moment, opportunity, experience and person who comes into our lives.

And this is where a connection with Noodles comes in.

Noodles' story undoubtedly grows in size, scope and interest the more he explores and the more he ventures out and boldly connects with others. The storybooks we are individually writing no doubt grow in much the same way.



Both activities might not give us a "storybook in our nose" like Noddles...but I believe that by the time we take our last breath, they will contribute mightily to giving us an awesome story in our soul.

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