Like Seeds in an Unopened Bag


In 2009, I took action on a vision. "Extra Mile Day" was born.

In the inaugural year, 23 mayors made a November 1, 2009, declaration and recognized the awesome volunteers who were "going the extra mile" in service and contribution in their local communities. This year on November 1, 2017, there will be 550+ cities and towns across America making that same "Extra Mile Day" declaration.

I am happy I followed through. 

That has NOT always been the case.

If pressed, I could list 20+ other cool "visions" in which I either took half-hearted action or no action at all. Half of those dreams might have materialized into something special had they been given a chance to grow.

But they never had a chance.

Having a vision, an idea, a dream, a goal...truthfully, they carry limited significance if we never take action on growing them. Without time, sweat and resources added to the soil, dreams remain seeds in an unopened bag.

Don't let inspiring ideas, dreams and goals forever sit in your mind's vision bag.

Give them a chance to live.

Plant the seeds.

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