Before Heroes Become Heroes


We all have heroes.

Perhaps he's a soldier, a cancer survivor, an amazing volunteer or an extra-mile parent. Maybe she's the person who rescues animals or the business superstar who gives away the greater portion of her income. Perhaps she's a song writer whose lyrics touch your soul or an author whose words forever transformed your thinking. Perhaps she's the paraplegic who doesn't let the wheelchair stop her, or your best friend who found the courage to leave a terrible relationship. Maybe he's the guy who left the secure money-making job to chase a dream. He could even be the co-worker who always smiles and never lets life beat him down.

It's easy to be inspired by and cheer for heroes.

But what about cheering for heroes before they become heroes?

There is a person in your life right now...maybe ten of them...who have amazing, difference-making hero potential. They have that something special...that idea...that mission...that talent...that heart ...that uniqueness that makes them extraordinary in your eyes. Unfortunately, however, their hero status is on hold because fear has captured their hearts, and they are afraid to let go and unleash their "Wow!"

What would happen if you were to share with these "heroes-in-waiting" how awesome you think they are? What would happen if you breathed a wave of confident power into them? 

I believe amazing stuff would happen. 

Hero-like stuff.

Believe in heroes can become heroes.

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