It's an All-Time Doozie


"How do I find my purpose?"

This is the question I'm asked most often.

And it's a doozie.

My answer?

I believe that finding purpose has far less to do with finding our perfect occupation and far more to do with finding our perfect contribution

To me, it's not necessarily about where we work that determines congruency with our highest purpose; instead, I believe our highest purpose is found (at any age!) in doing what we love and care about most...and letting that passion flow back into the world.

So how do you find your purpose in life...NOW?

Listen to the whispers in your heart...and then give them a voice.

It's those quiet whispers that will point to all the interests and causes that strike your heart most passionately. And then after acknowledging the whispers, seek out opportunities to throw yourself into participating in these interests and causes as much and as often as you can.

If you do this...if I do this...if we do this, I believe it is there that we will each leave our most lasting footprints, and simultaneously, live the best version of ourselves. 

And when the best version of ourselves on the inside surfaces, everything about our outside world will be changed for the best, too.

Live your whispers.

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