So...What Is the FIRST Mile??


"What is the FIRST mile?"

The question was emailed to me from a Town Manager in Vermont. 

"During the discussion leading up to the (Extra Mile Day) proclamation, one of the board members asked what the first mile is. Any insight would be much appreciated."

The question sparked my "Hmmm..." It's the first time I have been asked that. 

This was part of my response:

The FIRST mile is the 5,280 feet that life requires us to walk every our jobs, in our roles as parents, friends, spouses, employees and bosses...and in chasing after and following through with every one of the 100+ items on our every day "To Do" list.

The EXTRA mile is finding the energy, heart and spirit to add just that little bit of "extra" in our effort to make our lives or someone else's life special...despite how tired we might be after doing everything else in life we had to do as we walked the FIRST mile. It's in going the EXTRA mile where we find that we have the power to create the biggest smiles for others...and in turn, perhaps find the BIGGEST smile for ourselves, too.

Back to the present...

As I write this, "Extra Mile Day" has now been proclaimed by over 500+ towns and cities. New cities will keep coming in all the way to November 1. These cities are recognizing the individuals who are "going the extra mile" in volunteerism to make their community a better place. Despite whatever is going on in their personal lives, these awesome volunteers have found the time and energy to keep giving life the best that they have. 

I'm grateful for those who don't stop "walking" after the FIRST mile.

Because it's these special extra milers whom you and I probably rely on as being the best friends, the best co-workers, the best neighbors...the best human beings.

If YOU are someone who keeps going after the FIRST mile...thank you. It's what YOU do that makes life a bit sweeter for the rest of us. 

On behalf of everyone else who might not have ever said it, please let me:  

We are grateful. And YOU are awesome.

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