Getting Through Life's Worst Days


Let's be real. Some days are devastating.

Tragic stories in the news corrupt our hope. Brutal moments and experiences in our own lives obliterate our happiness. 

"Will life ever feel good again?"

"Am I going to survive?"

"How do I come back from this?"

What can we do when life shatters us into 1,000 pieces of hurt?

We can get up. 

We can create one positive thought. 

We can get out the door. 

We can show kindness to another person. 

We can move our body. 

We can count one blessing. 

We can read one positive page.

Surviving, healing, and restoring hope is not something that may or may not happen. It definitely will or it definitely won't...depending on what we do next. 

When life wallops you harder than ever, focus harder than ever on what you do next. 

Because it's what you do next that will decide how fast what you feel next will change.  

Or won't change.

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