The BEST Gift Shopping Question...EVER


It's the season of giving gifts.

Predictably, many of us will wander to store after store frustratingly looking for the perfect gift. Others of us will accept the challenge as an "impossibility" right from the start and immediately resort to seek out the gift card section. Gift cards make "stuff" easier to shop for; they make "stuff" easier for people to get for themselves.

But how many of us really need more "stuff?" 

Now in no way am I going to deny the fun of either opening or watching someone open a present, but let me plant a different, potentially longer-lasting, gift-giving idea as you start...and finish...your gift shopping adventures this holiday season:

"How about giving a gift that helps someone go further?"  

Our time.

Our talents.

Our connections.

Our resources.

Sharing these gifts are the gifts that can make someone's tomorrow better than today. These are the gifts can open doors and change destinies. These are the gifts that can uplift ailing spirits and empower someone to get their train back on the track.  

"Stuff" can be good...sure. But the slightest chance you have in pushing someone further with your gift could be a lot better.  

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