Tattoo It On Your Brain


If you have a goal that will absolutely change your life...then take 100% ownership of it.

And then share that goal.


#1. Share the goal with YOURSELF.

If you really want this goal, then convince your brain (and your fear!) that you do. Take total ownership of the goal...write it down...and then post the goal where you will read it multiple times a day. 

Writing the goal on paper and taping it where it is always staring you in the face might seem excessively simple...but it's personally the most powerful accountability tool I use in turning my goals into reality. If you're 16 or 96, it doesn't matter. Post the goal on the door, the computer, the frig, the steering wheel (the walker), the bathroom mirror...wherever you go and wherever you look. 

Tattoo the goal on your brain. 

That's how you own it.


#2. Share the goal with OTHERS.

Some people don't share their goals with others because it leaves them vulnerable. Personally, I'd rather give myself every possible chance in the world to achieve what I want...rather than fear what others might think if I don't succeed. I'll get over the embarrassment, but I may never get over the disappointment of not believing in myself enough to have shouted out: "I'm goin' for it!"

By sharing my goals with others...sometimes thousands of others...I allow myself to link up with an awesome accountability system: other people checking in on me.

Life is too short to keep going down the playground slide if you'd really prefer going on the roller coaster.

Undoubtedly, your goal is far too awesome for you not to have it.

So own it. 

And then share it.

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