122 Days, 3 VIPs...and 1 YOU


Today is September 1. There are 122 days left in 2016.

I'm going to close out the year creating and living my most productive, passionate and purposeful months and days...yet.

Here's my challenge to myself:

I'm going to take on three VIP's (Very Important Parts) of my life and really work at them with my best "stuff." By the time December 31 rolls around, the goal is to check each of the three off.

#1. Done.

#2. Done.

#3. Done.

The three VIPS's I will be targeting are goals related to my health (#1), my purpose (#2) and my passion (#3). 

For each goal, I have created a September - December action plan to get me across the goal's finish line. It's in working each action plan...days 1-122...that I will succeed. I'm not into the "wishing" part.

So here's the challenge for you...

Choose your three VIPs and pour every ounce of awesomeness you can into the rest of your 2016. You have an ocean of awesomeness in you...and it will create an amazing end to your year to unleash it.



By Shawn Anderson
Speaker, Author, & Unlimited Thinker

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