How to Live Your Best Everything


2018 is coming. Very, very, very soon.

But didn't we just have New Year's? 

I don't know what you think, but to me, the days, weeks and months of life seem to be on a 250-mile-per-hour bullet train. In fact, the more days I live, the faster that train is speeding down the tracks.

The train pulls over and waits for no one...and life is not forever.

I get this. Big time.

That's why I live a philosophy I call "No Regrets Living."

When 2018 comes and goes...and it will...I don't want to be sighing and thinking 365 days from now:

"Why didn't I do it?"

"Why didn't I try?"

"Why didn't I go?"

No Regrets Living.

I don't live in the future...but I do live knowing that what my future will look like depends on what I do (and don't do)...TODAY. 

If I know that one year, five years, twenty years from now I am going to WISH I had done something that I had a chance to do in 2018...then I am going to do it in 2018.

I don't want to be a "Why didn't I?" person.

2018 is coming.

No Regrets Living.

It starts today.

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