Is January 1st Magical?


I used to believe in the magical power of January 1st.

Not so much anymore. 

For me, January 1st represented an opportunity to shed the "old" and become the "new." New habits. New health. New look. New weight. New relationships. New adventures. New romances. New attitude. New work. New play. New... something

In the days leading up to January 1st, I would take out a mental magnifying glass and identify what I didn't like about my life. The process was loaded with hope: identify the inadequacy and ordain January 1st as the day where all my actions and attitudes could magically change overnight.


I discovered that creating change REALLY doesn't happen like that. Betting on the New Year's resolution approach to create lasting change always ended with frustration. Blow working on your goal one day and "Doubt" convincingly whispers, "This becoming 'new' stuff is too hard. It's no fun. Forget it."

Having experienced my share of New Year resolution failures, a deeper awareness has now taught me that in order to live my most awesome life, I need to forget making once-a-year resolutions and quit looking at my life through a magnifying glass. Instead, I should look at my life with binoculars. They see further. They don't cast an intense eye on my inadequacies, but rather they see the vision of my possibilities.

As you look ahead to 2017, consider making a small but HUGE adjustment in how you see yourself, your life, and your future. Don't put yourself under the magnifying glass and fret about what you aren't doing and what you haven't done. Go the binocular route...and think more of what you are meant to do, what you are meant to create, and what you are meant to become. It's a far more visionary and longer lasting approach.

You see, it's not January 1 that is magical. 

It's us that are magical.

We just need to adjust how we see our lives in order for the magic to work.

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