Sometimes to move forward in life...we gotta' learn to FREEZE it.

Freeze the fear.

Freeze the doubt.

Freeze the drama.

Just FREEZE it.

Don't keep agonizing.

Don't keep pestering.

Don't keep hammering.

Just FREEZE it.

Freeze the attitude.

Freeze the habits.

Freeze the excuses.

Just FREEZE it.

Don't keep yakking.

Don't keep dwelling.

Don't keep belittling.

Just FREEZE it.

Don't be adding more pain, turmoil, or anxiety to your life than you are already thinking, feeling, and doing. Don't make things worse by escalating your words, elevating your worrisome thoughts, or taking the stairs to your worst self.

Sometimes...if we truly want good...better...best...it's just what we gotta' do.

We gotta' FREEZE it.

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