A Trigger Word To Get You MOVING!



That's my trigger word when my brain is pitching a tent in Mediocreville.  

That's the word that breaks my lazy thought pattern and gets me going. It gets me writing. It gets me exercising. It gets me out the door. It gets the TV off. It gets the email sent. It gets the proposal finished. It gets the call made. It gets me off my butt.


Trigger thoughts...trigger words...are awesome for getting us to do what we are supposed to do. Self-awareness is about finding that driver's spot in our brain where we are running the show; trigger words help us find our Captain's seat.


It has 101 applications.



1. Tired and lethargic?


Get your butt going. Get outside. Stretch. Take a walk. A jog. A deep breath.

2. Sick of your job?


Quit accepting that you have to stay. Build your resume. Send emails. Make calls.

3. Feeling unmotivated...unattractive...unhappy?


Get rid of the "uns" by changing where you are if you don't like where you are. 

My trigger word is a sharp reminder to "get doin' when I don't feel like doin'." It's the word that sparks me to quit being lazy and procrastinating, and, instead, take action to create the circumstances, events and moments that will make my life better. 

"MOVE, Shawn, MOVE!"

Trigger words work.

Find yours.

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