Know Your Shadow

Our shadow is always there. Sometimes we recognize it. Sometimes we don't.

The shadow we easily recognize pops up as we round a street corner...matching our every stride and movement. The shadow we know sometimes walks ahead of us...and sometimes behind us. It's sometimes tall...and it's sometimes short. But regardless of shape or size, our shadow has an eye on what we are doing and where we are going. 

But I look at my shadow as more than just an outside silhouette. I also see it as a subtle inside "voice." It's in THAT quieter, less obvious inside role where our shadow is often hard to recognize. 
Different from the copy-cat follower you see on the outside, our shadow's inside personality can be quietly influential in how we live our lives. On the inside, our shadow has the power to direct our thinking and maneuver our emotions.
"Don't do it!"
"Say no!"
"Next year."
"Feel fear."

Without our awareness, our shadow's instinctive voice is to keep us safe and minimize the risk that touches our lives. With our awareness and re-direction, however, our shadow can ignore its original auto-pilot mission and encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and explore life's greatest experiences and adventures.

"Do it!" 
"Say yes!"
"Now's the time!"
"Feel excited!"

Question #1: Do you feel bored or dull in life?
Take a close listen to what your shadow is whispering. It is there that the awesomeness of your life...or lack of first determined.

Question #2: Do you have a different vision for your life than you're living?
Maybe it's time to do a little "Shadow Training." Training your shadow to whisper "Go for it!" could pay far greater dividends in opportunities and fun than its initial instinct to shout, "Hide!"

Wanna' change your life?

Know your shadow.

And then train it.

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