My Most Awesome Life Bloopers


What is on your blooper reel?

Here are a couple of my all-time embarrassing moments, and when they happened, I thought my world was ending.

Blooper #1:

In 2009 when I started doing this "motivation" thing, I was making one of my very first speaking appearances of my new career. I was talking to an audience of 100 people....and for the entire 45-minutes talk, my shirt buttons were buttoned one off.

I probably would never have discovered this embarrassing fact had it not been for an audience member in the front row who kept trying to contain his potentially out-of-control laughter by covering his mouth with both hands most of the time I was talking. When I finished, I headed to a mirror as fast as I could, knowing something was definitely not right. And that's when I had my "Oh, ship!" embarrassing revelation. I had quickly changed my shirt heading into this second gig of the day, and when I did, I did a shirt-buttoning job worthy of a kindergartner in a hurry. It was a hilarious look...I gotta' say.

Blooper #2:

I was meeting an influential Congressman in his home for the first time. I was in my 20's and I wanted his endorsement badly. I was doing my best to make a great impression when my foot slipped going down an inner staircase. I was holding a wine glass. It carried red wine. The carpet was white. My life was over.

Contrary to what I thought immediately after both moments, my world did not end.

Now, I proudly can reveal I have 100+ other awesome blooper moments on my personal Lifetime Channel reel. Every embarrassing screw-up, humiliating failure and devastating defeat I have ever lived is on there.'s that mental shift from "Dream-Ending Catastrophes" to "Stuff-Happens Bloopers" that allows me to walk into my NEXT life moment with reduced fear. 

Do not let your past screw-ups paralyze your future adventures.

And that's the message.

Take the emotional humiliation and devastating intensity out of yesterday's mess-ups and turn your worst bungles into your best bloopers. 

Don't let what happened yesterday hold back what could happen tomorrow.

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