Ever asked, "What's My Purpose?"


"How do I find my life purpose?" This is the #1 question I am asked.

Oh, it's a biggie.

I'm pretty sure that if we had a hand clicker to count every time the question has been asked throughout history, we'd be in the millions. Or billions.

My answer?

I believe the answer to the big "?" has much less to do with finding one's perfect occupation and more to do with finding one's perfect contribution. 

To me, it' is not about what someone does in a specific job that identifies his or her purpose...but more what he or she contributes to others as a human being.  

No one in the world knows more than you about what you care about in life. It could be family, people, or a multitude of interests and causes. Whatever it is or they are...paid or un-paid...discover all the ways to contribute and then throw yourself into doing them with all the passion you can. 

As often as you can.

If you do...if I do...if we do, I believe it is there that we each will leave our greatest life footprints, and simultaneously, live our greatest purpose.

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