How to Live in Style


Today...there is pure tragedy touching many people.

Today might be a pretty darn good day for you and me, but there are millions of others in the world whose lives have been touched by devastation. 

 And pain. 

 And sorrow. 

 And collapse. 

 And injustice. 

 And hunger. 

 And disease. 

 And suffering.

 And death.

It's good to remember these people today...and every day. In doing so, our hearts are open to let gratitude seep in.

And kindness. 

And compassion.

And understanding.

And generosity.

And tolerance.

And grace.

And decency.

And humanity.

Yes...a truly empowered life has an eye on one's own direction and destiny. But living an empowered life also has an eye on the fate and future of others.

Kindness to all the earth's inhabitants...never goes out of style.

Live in style.

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