The Powerful Seven!


I am a big believer in living with intention.

To me, life is too precious to take the risk of just floating down the "river of life"...going here or there depending on the natural flow of life's events. Instead of just randomly "floating," I choose to use a "paddle" and direct my life's route as much as possible.

With this in mind, here are SEVEN thoughts I intentionally focus on daily: 

1. Control the morning. Control the day.

2. Cast a vision for today. 

3. Go the extra mile in everything that is important.

4. Be the best version of me with others.

5. Grow.

6. Show gratitude and humility to everyone and for everything.

7. Today is a lucky day. Something awesome will happen.

I hope one of these thoughts might strike a special chord with you...and empower you to better direct your journey down the "river."

Stay awesome. 

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