Losing Steam?

Feel like you're striving for a goal or cause and it's losing steam?

Here are three quick "rescue thoughts" I am whispering to myself as I seek to put some of my BIGGIES back on track:

#1. Do I...or don't I?
We need to be honest with ourselves. We either want the goal...or we don't. We either want the change and the results...or we don't. If we don't want it, then we need to quit pretending we do. If we really do want it, then we need to STOP making BS excuses that keep us from doing it.

#2. If miles in a day are not possible...inches are.
Massive change, results and reinvention do not happen overnight. I might not have a chapter in me every day...but I do have a paragraph. I might not have 100 push-ups in me every day...but I do have 10. Inches added together will soon turn into feet and then yards and then miles. Be persistent...even if it is only one paragraph a day.

#3. Ride tandem.
It's hard to keep motivating ourselves by OURSELVES. The day-to-day grind becomes hard and heavy. One "off day" can turn into two...can turn into ten...can turn into a blown goal. When my "juice" is fading, I seek out a dependable accountability partner who is also passionate about creating change in her life. Dual accountability becomes a daily dual responsibility.

Be the you that you want to be.

Don't give up.

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