The Magical Umbrella That Lost Its Magic


Two weeks back... I shared about my magical umbrella. 

It was the umbrella I resorted to opening and twirling as I walked through the English pastures in order to keep the extra-friendly animals from getting to know me too well.

Sadly enough, the umbrella lost all of its magic one morning when a giant gust of wind turned it inside out and then did a number on bending and snapping its internal structure.

A week later as I walked across Ireland, I bought a second umbrella to protect me from the cold, wind and rain. The first time I opened THAT umbrella, it refused to even fight against the windy conditions. It gave up the challenge immediately as the wind took it in less than 30 seconds. SNAP!

Fool me twice...but I'm not spending money on an umbrella THREE times.

After incident #2, I went 100% with the rain poncho to cover both my backpack and myself. I was a king-sized green blob moving slowly across the countryside. I  sounded like a multitude of giant flags flapping in the wind as all sides of my poncho blew up and down.

There is always another way to walk through the rain.

If there is something going on in your life that seems to be getting the best of you too many times, it could be time to change your strategy on how you're going after it.

Don't just keep buying umbrellas that fail.

It might be time to go the "poncho route."

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