Who Do You See?


The man stared into the mirror. He barely recognized the man staring back.

He cursed the man he saw.

The years of frustration, failure and anxiety had taken a mammoth toll. Who the man saw staring back at him now was not the same man he used to be. With face now weary, and the power of hope no longer radiating from once bright eyes, the man slowly shook his head back and forth and whispered for no one else in the world to hear except himself: 

"Just try to survive another day...will ya'?"

In a different mirror, in a different place, a different man of the same age and life history stared at the man he saw in the mirror. This man had experienced much of the same tragedies and defeats as the first man, but the difference between the two was that the second man didn't feel cursed by moments and experiences of days gone by. He instead looked to the present...and the future...with celebration. This man's eyes still reflected the passion he had for the chance to live a new day...to meet new people...to live new adventures. The second man smiled at the man he saw in the mirror and sent a different type of whisper into the Universe:

"I think today is going to be a lucky day...what do you think?"

Two men.
Similar lives. 
Vastly different perspectives on living.

One curses life.
One celebrates it.

Life is, and it always will be, either as awesome ...or not-so-awesome... as the man in the mirror thinks.

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