1,000 Moments of Regret

I would be a fake if I said I didn't feel fear.
I feel it big time.

I feel fear before I go on stage to speak.
I feel fear before I record media interviews. 
I feel fear before I travel internationally.
I feel fear before I read a review of one of my books.

Fear breathes in my world.

Failure? Disappointment? Defeat? Embarrassment? Rejection? 
Who wants to experience any of that stuff? 

But still...

I get on the stage, do the interview, catch the plane, write the column, create the project, and initiate the conversation...despite the FEAR.  
My secret? 
I get my thinking focused on a much BIGGER fear.

How will I feel LATER knowing that I missed this chance NOW? 

THAT question helps me find the courage to take the risk and walk through every "opportunity door." It's why I accepted ten radio interviews in March. It's why I will finish the draft of my 7th book in May. It's why I will be walking 500 miles border-to-border across both England and Ireland in June. It's why I am creating the "Extra Mile World 2017: Central America" speaking tour to El Salvador and neighboring countries in September. It's why I will grow Extra Mile Day in the U.S. on November 1.

"Doing" can definitely be scary, but it's never as scary as the regret of "not doing."

Are you feeling fear about a pending decision or potential opportunity?
Think about how not taking action will make you will feel...LATER.

The awareness of that future feeling might get you to walk outside your comfort zone.


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