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John William Geranios, Ph.D., CEO, Brandings

"Shawn Anderson is truly inspiring. He has a powerful speaking style that energizes and excites. His approach motivates individuals to accept their potential and pragmatically take steps to make their dreams a reality. Shawn is a rare source of adrenaline that has produced exceptional results for our organization. Unparalleled - one of the country's best trainers and speakers."



"Flip the switch!" (a 1-day program for organizations seeking a boost)

What great possibilities exist for your organization?

Flip the switch from mediocrity to excellence and take your performance to a higher level! Nobody truly desires to be a mediocre performer, but often what is needed is learning a few flip the switch tools to help encourage the transformation process. This interactive training session leads employees to examine their personal performance, set a vision, and create a plan for where they would like to be.

"Soar mastery!" (a 6-week program for organizations seeking results)

SOAR Mastery!" is a six-week curriculum-based program that is all about making BIG dreams happen. It’s about turning the invisible dream into the visible result.

Shawn will take YOUR organizational dream and help individual staff members break it down in ways that relate to their specific positions. Addressing four key “SOAR” areas, he will help staff members: 1) evaluate their performance and define their role in contributing to a higher degree of organizational success, 2) develop their own action plan that keeps them moving forward, 3) recognize the past obstacles that have impeded peak performance, and 4) develop innovative strategies to make certain that previous barriers don’t impede future success. 

"ultimate transformation!" (a 21-week program for organizations seeking change!)

An organization's long term success is driven by the quality of its people. This 21-week training program is geared for organizations deeply committed to the excellence and transformation of its individual members. It’s for organizations who want a training program that makes an indelible and lasting mark and eliminates the chance for slippage back into bad habits.

This advanced organizational training program will create a superior degree of self-awareness and personal success responsibility in employees. It identifies and drums out the root negative thought patterns and success-limiting beliefs that have previously prompted less than the best. With a self-created blueprint for success and new accountability systems, team members can radically change their personal performance. The accumulated impact of this change for the organization is dramatic. 

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