"The End"


May 3, 2009...

It's something we all have in common.

In fact, it's something that every life form on earth...plants, animals, people... have in common. It's "The End."

That's what we share. All of us will one day have the final words of our life book concluded with a "period." There will be no next chapter. There will be no final thoughts. It...our life as we know it now...will just be finished.

The End.

It's not bad news. It's just a fact.

I am reminded today of this undeniable life realism by the passing of a person I grew to admire in my own life...Jack Kemp. A former football star, an influential U.S. Congressman...a Vice Presidential candidate with Bob Dole...and a founder of a influential tone-setting group called Empower America. Jack Kemp lived a full life.

He played his heart out in everything he did.

"The End" part for all of us will eventually come. And it's good to be reminded of that.

It's good to be reminded to live with no regrets. It's good to be reminded to take risks. It's good to be reminded to live without fear.

And most of all, it's good to be reminded to play our heart out in everything we do.

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