Under promise. Over deliver.


May 6, 2009...

It is very important to me to follow-through with what I tell others. I am a big believer in "under promising...over delivering." What I say I will do...I will do.

My friends and business associates know this.

Earlier in my life, I failed miserably a couple of times following this principle. But what those failures taught me was that nothing very good can ever come from creating false hope for another.  

What I also discovered was that when I do follow-through with what I say, there are TWO big benefits I receive:

1. People learn to trust that what I say is real. Super strong credibility is built. People begin to believe.

2. I learn to really believe in myself. My actions cement my words. My dreams are not just wishes...but possibilities.

For you?

Be a person in life that does what you'll say you do. Don't fudge your words...giving false hope. Not only does that hurt another...it also hurts you. False hope given in a moment always casts a darker light in the future when it didn't have to.

Be accountable with your words today, and feel better about everything else in your life tomorrow.

Choose to be an "under promiser...and an over deliverer."


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